it shall never be over

Image symbolic only

i let go of you again and yet again

for your ongoing journey

away from mine;

i can’t bind your time

in my world eons away from yours

even though i love you so

and don’t know how

to say goodbye

i see you

in the gentle breeze

in the swish of curtains

in the flying strands of my hair

in the grip of a ladle

in the scent of a flower

in the dancing shadows

in the patter of my step

i think of you

in the moments of joy

as time stands still…

the golden glow of the evening sky

bathes my window sill and the floor within

it steals moments from my memories

wildly rushing through my thoughts

shimmering, prancing through

my mind in embers

fire that burns without an end

spluttering within

i see you gliding through the memory lanes

looming large as you traverse distances

mesmerising tunes capturing

those flowing moments;

i awaken to my soul stirring

to hold you in this

timeless moments in space

never to let you go;

in the slew of emotions

that cloud my thoughts

threatening to pour

my time stands still…

yet stealthily night creeps up

the glow lost in the dark

sill and the floor hidden

i see your silhouette giving me solace

in the light that pushes

through the crevices of my window

the moments dissolve and i know

you have to step into your own world

where i don’t belong

and i won’t let you wait

in my world eons away from yours

as i fold quietly

the awry pages of my memory yet again

i pray for your everlasting happiness

and peace in your space;

through my swirling pain i wonder

will i ever find you again

is it over from now?

my heart whispers

it isn’t over for me

and never shall be…

as i love you so

and don’t know

how to say goodbye

About purobighoshmohan

Advocate, Bombay High Court
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