it’s time

Image symbolic only

My heart, my mind, my emotions

pulsate, rise and spiral around me

timeless and unseen, engulfing my being

in a state of nothingness.

Fleeting moments, droplets of sound

dallying and dancing, throbbing and

sending my mind into splinters!

Down in my being, spasm of heartbeats

and swirl of thoughts, move my senses

into realm of unease and pain.

I feel my soul thrashing in the pangs of time

my restless being rolls into the chasm

of heart and life without an end

and too deep to fathom.

I lose myself, images blur

life flickers and I know it’s time.

About purobighoshmohan

Advocate, Bombay High Court
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  1. Sumitra Mohanty says:

    Did not know about your writing skills, wow

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