red dress

Image symbolic only

empty road

shimmering gravel

floating clouds

few drops of rain

sudden flight of birds

lapping of waves…

all rolled into a huge ball

of silence piercing through

the folds of darkness.

yonder glimpses of

street light

dimming the quiet

searing through darkness

breaks on my red dress.

as I sit by

the window

so still and tearful

the red dress shimmers

in a splash of colour

on my little frame

helpless and quiet.

lights no longer

brighten the night

as I nervously look

for answers

on my dress which

in a myriad of colours

is lost on me.

I sit by

the window

waiting for the

night to take flight

and let me have

my red dress.

as time stands still

night is long

wait is weary

mind is dull

body tired

life mocks at me

through the

splash of colours

on my dress.

mind shrieks

body pushes

rain splashes…

move, they say.

time stands still

I can’t move

as I sit

by the window

waiting for

my red dress

sitting again

on my little frame.

About purobighoshmohan

Advocate, Bombay High Court
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8 Responses to red dress


    👍 very nice
    Didn’t know you write

  2. Panchali says:

    Intriguing….Anything I type isn’t good enough to convey how awesome a writer are you, MoniDi. This is so deep and breathtaking all at the same time.
    Beautiful poem.

    • Thank you so much Munmun. I so much appreciate your kind words. Coming from a top blogger is indeed such a compliment. The lockdown seems to have done some good. My reading and writing are getting their rhythm back.

  3. Sumitra Mohanty says:

    Wow you write so well I didn’t know that. Very sensitive writing. Hope You will publish

  4. Kumkum Ghosh says:

    Purobi you write really well, I love reading your poems. You have so many hidden talents. Love.

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